Friday, October 30, 2009

FRANK Threatened me and then hung up!

I was playing my taped phone call from Charles Manson to a newsman at KABC radio, here in Los Angeles, when I received another incoming phone call. It was from Frank Sinatra. I told him I had another call on the otherline and then put him on hold and inserted another tape into my tape recorder. He made a threat which I later played for the newsman as well as many other people including columnist, James Bacon. 

Dakota: Frank? 

Sinatra: You got your tape recorder on? 

D: No, I had another guy on the line. 

S: Don't give me that bullshit. How'd you get my daughter's phone number? 

D: I've had it for months. 

S: I don't care how long you have had it. How'd you get it? 

D: Well, Rona Barrett has it....Joyce Haber has it... 

S: I don't care who else has it. How did you get it? 

D: I just have it. I have several phone numbers. 

S: Look, I'm going to tell you something and I'm going to tell you once, understand? 

D: Yeh. 

S: Tear up her phone number and don't ever call her again. 

D: That's what the attorney said yesterday. 

S: I don't care what the attorney said. I'm her father and I'm telling you to tear up her phone number and don't ever call her again or I'll break your fucking arm, you got that. I'll break your fucking arm! 

D: What's this all about? 

Frank hung up! I played the tape for columnist James Bacon, a former syndicated columnist for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, who was also an ass-kissing friend of Sinatra. He said Frank had probably been drinking and not to pay any attention to it. But, to be safe, I played it for everyone who would listen, just in case something happened to me, then they would know who was probably responsible. 

In hindsight, I realize Frank was protecting his daughter, as any good father would do. I doubt if he had known the whole story although I did play excerpts of my conversation with both Tina and Manson over several radio stations, in a commercial for the newspaper. (I still have tapes of them). When the stations canceled them their argument was, they couldn't actually prove it was Tina Sinatra's voice on the tape I had used. In all reality, they were afraid of Frank. Whether or not any of the girls were associated with Charles Manson, prior to his troubles...I don't give a damn. I was only trying to confirm Charles' statements, as any good reporter would do. There are two sides to every story and I believe what Charles told me. 

I always liked Frank Sinatra, ever since he was kind enough to talk with his fans outside the Mocambo in Hollywood, asking us if we could hear him okay? He had made sure the front door of the club was left open so we could hear him over the speakers inside. I was 19 years old. When I was young, working at the Capitol theater in Flint, I used to play his records from a phonograph, after hours, and hook up the theater mike and sing along with him. It was fun and I had developed a technique that sounded a little like him. 




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